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World Radiography Day – 8 November

World Radiography Day – 8 November

Dr Wilhelm Roentgen, a German physicist, discovered X-rays on 8 November 1895, and dramatically changed the healthcare landscape over 120 years ago.  This earned him the Nobel Prize for medicine in 1901. Our global family of radiographers, at home, across our continent and abroad, gather in our localities to celebrate and commemorate World Radiography Day as homage to him.

During this week, radiographers will be rallying around the events to raise the profile of radiography, and radiographers, as a frontline job in the medical and healthcare sector. The vital role of radiographers cannot be underestimated in healthcare.

On World Radiography  Day, SORSA goes out of its way towards highlighting the event to inspire and motivate radiographers further to continuously strive for service excellence, and high ethical standards, in delivering radiation dose to the patient. Ionizing radiation dose optimisation is the responsibility of radiographers to exercise judgment prior to delivering the radiation dose tailored for the individual patient. Both public and professional awareness has consistently increased, following the high-level campaigns on radiation safety and safety culture by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Vienna-based International Automatic Agency (IAEA).

We have an ethical responsibility to create a public, and professional, awareness aimed at reducing unnecessary radiation to patients, public and health workers, as well as the safety of radiation, in line with the Bonn accord on radiation safety taken a few years ago.

This current theme, ‘Precision and Compassion- Radiographer’s Qualities’ will further enhance and embellish the programme for medical and radiation exposures linked to the WHO and IAEA campaigns, and further strengthen the 2012 Bonn-Call-for-Action aimed at:

  • strengthening the radiation protection of patients and health
    workers overall;
  • attaining the highest benefit with the least possible risk to all patients by the safe and appropriate use of ionizing radiation in medicine;
  • aiding the full integration of radiation protection into
    healthcare systems;
  • helping to improve the benefit/risk-dialogue with patients and the public;

Radiographers could use days around this historic milestone to also promote radiography as a career and, as a vital contribution to modern healthcare, and as a chance to increase public awareness of diagnostic imaging, nuclear medicine, radiation therapy and ultrasound.

WRD is close to our hearts, making this medical milestone a global rallying call for all of us to ensure that radiography, and medical diagnosis, continue to strive to achieve uncompromising service excellence and integrity.

SORSA calls on all radiographers, allied practitioners, medical personnel and service providers to participate in the workshops, symposiums and social and academic events taking place at private and government hospitals and other service providers to commemorate WRD. SORSA strives to improve technical and ethical standards, while offering radiographers opportunities for personal and professional growth

SORSA wishes Radiographers a happy World Radiographers Day 2018!