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Nomination for Provincial Representitives 2019

Members in each eligible province need to nominate suitable persons to serve on the National Council.

Dear member
The revised constitution requires members in each eligible province to nominate suitable persons to serve on the National Council. Please take an active role in this new election process as detailed below. We suggest you identify and approach potential nominees to serve as provincial national council representatives. Potential nominees will be required to complete a form that includes radiographic and committee experience as well as a statement of intent if elected as a provincial representative on national council. In addition every office-bearer is required to sign SORSA’s commitment form that includes agreeing to executing duties timeously in order to meet deadlines; to actively promote SORSA at all times in keeping with elected/appointed status.
Paragraph 15 of the constitution states:

  • a) Before 5 April the Secretariat shall inform EXCO of the total paid up members in each provinces; by 9 April EXCO shall call for nominations from the members in the provinces.
  • b) The completed nomination forms to be sent by the nominees to the Secretariat on or before 25 April.
  • c) The Secretariat shall on receipt of completed nomination forms forward these to the President and members of the EXCO who shall request the National Treasurer by 30 April to confirm all nominees are ordinary members in good standing.
  • d) The EXCO shall instruct the Secretariat to enter the names of nominees on a ballot form by 15 May and to send to members of each respective province to request them to vote for a Provincial Council representative and to return completed ballot forms to the Secretariat by 30 May.
  • e) The Secretariat shall, in the presence of a scrutineer, count the votes by 10 June; and shall immediately inform EXCO of the results.
  • f) The member with the majority of votes in each province shall be informed by EXCO by 15 June that he is the Provincial Representative
  • g) In the event of a tie in (e) above, the President shall have a casting vote.

We include an organogram to illustrate the different structures in the 2019 constitution.